GLASSiCENTER Ltd. was established in 1999 in Kamenický Šenov, important historical and present centre of glass production. Initial mission of the company was to promote and support local middle and small sized glass producers and glass refiners as well as to run information centre, gallery and decorative glass showroom. After few years of silence was in year 2010 company re-newed and its activities enlarged. With own production, continuing famous tradition of Brothers Jílek Glassworks since 1905, our company preserves traditional glassmaking techniques and supports glass production in the region.

Our own production programme consists of production of so called “Panelled glass” as a luxurious glass products, so unique for this region and also production of painted, cut, engraved glass and Handicraft uniques. We are also extensively occupied by stained glass windows and lighting fixtures, where except newly made own or custom products we are dealing with specialized restoring or creating replicas of historical pieces.

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